Starting Over

It’s been a long time since I posted. Shame on me. But I had to find out where this blog fit into my new life in my new place and new job.

In my old life and my old place and my old job, this blog was an opportunity to share parts of “me” that didn’t have an outlet in other avenues of my life. You know, the things that didn’t (or shouldn’t) make it into sermons or Bible studies or whatnot. This blog was my way of declaring (controlling?) my identity—I was more than that partial image you saw at church. Not that I was somehow insincere in those other places—just more guarded or more limited. So I created this blog to share my other thoughts and confess my wrestling with scriptures and topics. To declare to myself (and secondarily the Interwebs) the crazy, marvelous things of God in my life.

Turns out, in my new life and new place and new job, it fills the same role. Surprise, surprise.

So I’ll try to confess and share with some better regularity. I’ll try to not allow this blog to merely be a repository of mediocre sermons. I ask nothing of you except your compassion in my struggles, and perhaps, a prayer. And for that, I am grateful.


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